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Philosophy of life, music, and dance

Learning Meaning of Life from Nature

"Most theories and concepts will not help right now to understand life and its meaning, we have to conceive this our self directly from the nature, our surrounding, present and past, once we have developed our own convincing view we can extend this knowledge, refine it further with additional material, other sources."

What Is The Meaning of The Life

‘Meaning’ is a creation of the mind. What I’m writing here has ‘meaning’ and it is a creation of my mind. And I enjoy the process. But my real happiness does not come from writing these words. Rather, it comes to me when my busy mind takes a break and I sink into a deep relaxation while remaining in a fully aware state. It is this internal reality which, for the most part, enables me to remain good-natured and happy in this hectic and unstable world. So, I love to play in the realm of ‘meaning’, but it is not ‘meaning’ which is foundation of my life.
by Duart Maclean

"Life forces us into communities, but basically communities are war zones camoufl aged over with platitudes about caring, sharing and cooperation. If this were not so, there would not be such high rates of depression, burnout, substance abuse, divorce and suicide. There would not be so much costly litigation. The transformed leader who has attained a high degree of Self-awareness is able to see through the veil of separation and recognize his own self in the other. This is known as empathy, but there cannot be empathy where there is fear. So long as we perceive ourselves as isolated we will be dominated by fear and unable to experience true empathy for others. The deeper our sense of isolation, the more remote and inaccessible we become. When we are able to feel empathy, as distinct from attachment or sentimentality, others are attracted to us and this is the real basis for creating participation in our life and projects." by Duart Maclean, Creating Participation:

Learn from all ...

Learn from flower ...
Learn from lamb ...
Learn from birds ...
Learn from all ...

in romanian ...
INVATA de la toate ... (muzica: Adriana Ausch) ...

Învaţă de la floare să fii gingaş ca ea.
Învaţă de la miel să ai blândeţea sa.
Învaţă de la păsări să fii mereu în zbor.
Învaţă de la toate că totu-i trecător.


NOTA: Unii spun ca ceste versuri ii apartin lui Rabindranath Tagore (indian), altii spun ca versurile apartin scriitorului Traian Dorz.

in romanian
- "Oare vitregia vietii nu constituie tocmai piatra de incercare a adevaratelor caractere ?" Lucian Blaga
- "Filosofice sunt acele gandiri care intemeiaza oameni." Lucian Blaga
- "Se pare ca lumea este astfel intocmita ca sa nu poti gasi fericirea in ea, iar natura omului s-o caute vesnic. Acesta-i fondul tragic al existentei."
Lucian Blaga

“Eu nu strivesc corola de minuni a lumii
şi nu ucid
cu mintea tainele, ce le-ntâlnesc
în calea mea
în flori, în ochi, pe buze ori morminte.”

“Alunga patimile mele,
Pe veci strigarea lor o frânge,
Si de durerea altor inimi
Învata-ma pe mine-a plânge.
Nu rostul meu, de-a pururi prada
Ursitei mastere si rele,
Ci jalea unei lumi, parinte,
Sa plânga-n lacrimile mele.”

Octavian Goga – Rugăciune (1905)

Goran Bregovici


Zorba (Syrtaki) - Jakub Zajaczkowski

Ukraine - Eurovision 2004 - Ruslana
World Cup 2010

Concepţie şi realizare:
Doina Ciobanu; Muzica: Los Incas, El condor pasa.
- (pps)


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