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ICVL Project, 10 years. The impact of new technologies in education and research


C3VIP: "Consistency-Competence-Clarity-Vision-Innovation-Performance"

Motto: "Almost all trades that someone will practice in the future, from engineering to musicology, from atomic physics to tourism, from history to medicine, will use the computers. Computers do not go alone to go must have skilled people to incense. To have skilled people, we need to learn: WHAT?" Grigore C. Moisil (1906-1973), We’ll See - Science and humanism in the "Contemporanul" (The Journal "Contemporary"), no. 15 (1378), April 6, 1973.

UPDATE: Diploma of Excellence awarded the University of Bucharest for ICVL project (RO-Diploma de excelență acordată Universității din București pentru proiectul ICVL) „New Technologies in Education and Research” 2015- | LINK

Objectives of the initiative

Educational and research project at the University of Bucharest, founded in 2003 as a result of challenges from the early 2000s, the information society technologies (ICT), has proposed the following strategic objectives (CNIV National Project founded in 2003, ICVL International Project founded in 2006):
  • Goal - Implement the Information Society Technologies (IST / FP6 / FP7 / Horizon 2020, Europe Digital Agenda) to the EU requirements; It aims to promote and implement modern ideas in initial education and training, promoting the spirit of work / research teams, attracting and inclusion of young people in the research and development, promotion and implementation of technologies like ICT in education and training; addresses the authors of e-learning products and educational software, specialists, teachers, researchers, students and professors interested in the field of educational technologies supported models, methodologies and software solutions.
  • Specific objectives - Develop research projects and applications in the areas of E-Learning, Software and Educational Management (Models and Methodologies, Technologies, Software Solutions); It aims to provide a vision of European e-Learning and e-Training policies and to take stock of the situation existing today as well as to work towards developing a forward looking approach. Participation is invited from researchers, teachers, trainers, educational authorities, learners, practitioners, employers, trade unions, and private sector actors and IT industry; The success of these scientific meetings is that desired and collaboration between academics, labour market and education to support the development of rural education in Romania.

ICVL Project in World and Results

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ICVL and CNIV Coordinator:
Dr. Marin Vlada, University of Bucharest

ICVL and CNIV Partners:
  • Dr. Grigore Albeanu
  • Dr. Mircea Popovici
  • Prof. Radu Jugureanu
  • Dr. Adrian Adăscăliței
  • Dr. Olimpius Istrate

In the 10 editions of the conference were sent abstracts and papers author from all continents, namely from the following countries: Romania, USA, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, Korea, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Morocco, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand. Annually, an average of 108 proposals were received, 85 accepted abstracts and finally 58 papers accepted for publication.
Proceedings of ICVL - Print and Online: ISI Proceedings (ISSN: 1844-8933): • Research Domains: COMPUTER SCIENCE: SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY; SOCIAL SCIENCES • Research Areas: Computer Science; Education & Educational Research • Web of Science Categories: Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Applications; Education & Educational Research • Language: English, ISSN: 1844-8933 • Publisher: BUCHAREST UNIVERSITY PRESS, BUCHAREST, ROMANIA

ICVL and CNIV 2015 at West University of Timisoara: October 31, 2015