Thursday, August 10, 2017

Patterns of Nature with MathLapse

MathLapse Software: This MathLapse was realized by Alessandro Cattaneo, Cristina Cattoni, Filippo Favale and Riccardo Moschetti (members of Curvilinea - "Our cooperative company was born for our common passion for scientific popularization of mathematics") for the Imaginary Conference 2016. The IMAGINARY conference on open and collaborative communication of mathematical research (Math, imagination, discovery): The community is invited to think along, to work along, to help in design, programming or general implementation. IMAGINARY is a non-profit organization for open and interactive mathematics.

- - Galleries are the visual heart of the platform.
- - Here you can find films and their background to be watched online and used for public screenings at exhibitions or in museums.
- - Here you can find a variety of mathematical texts on many different topics.
- - Projects are open for collaboration and need support. Projects can be a new exhibition, new software, new ways of communicating maths, a publication, etc.

1. - A wonderful way to describe natural shapes using the language of mathematics is provided by self-similar patterns.
2. - An artistic journey into the world of elliptic curve cryptography.
3. - This film illustrates how the great majority of seahells existing in nature can be generated by a fixed set of equations by simply varying some parameters.
4. - The video shows the construction of an algebraic curve by a mechanical linkage.
5. - How can a robot swarm explore an unknown area and understand its layout? In this video, a swarm of R-one mobile robots is used for such a task.