Thursday, January 13, 2011

BETT London 2011

BETT London 2011: The best showcase of UK and international educational technology products, resources and best practice.


O noua abordare in EDUCATIE:
continut educational pe sisteme multi-touch (Surface device developed by Microsoft)

SIVECO Romania at BETT 2011

"SIVECO Romania presents at BETT also Augmented Reality, an educational solution providing the most advanced learning experience. Augmented Reality is a revolutionary technology allowing the interaction between the user and a virtual object, whose movement can be controlled by the user and rendered through digital sensors in real time. By using just a video camera and a computer, users can handle various educational virtual objects. Pupils can explore the solar system or can analyze the internal organs, in actual size, projected directly on their own body."
Source:, Press Releases

Londra, BETT 2011
" ... in an de criza investitia in educatia se dubleaza,oriunde in lume." (Prof. Radu Jugureanu, facebook, BETT 2011 - epoca 3D ...dar "merge pe iPad?"

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