Tuesday, November 16, 2010

US-China Education Review

US-China Education Review.
From Knowledge to Wisdom (ISSN 1548-6613)

US-China Education Review. is published monthly in hard copy and online by David Publishing Company, Illinois 60048, USA.

US-China Education Review, a monthly professional academic journal, covers all sorts of researches on Higher Education Research, Educational Theory, Psychological Research, Educational Management, Teacher’s Education Research, Curriculum and Teaching Research, and Educational Technology, as well as other issues.

- http://www.teacher.org.cn
- http://www.davidpublishing.com

Agriculture-Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology
Architecture-Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Business & Economics-Chinese Business Review
Chinese-USA Business Review
Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing
Chemistry-Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Computer Science-Journal of Computer Technology and Application, USA
Journal of Communication and Computer, USA
Education-US-China Education Review
Languages-US-China Foreign Language
Sino-US English Teaching
Law & Political Sciences-US-China Law Review
Journal of China Lawyer and Jurist
Journal of US-China Public Administration
Life & Medical Sciences-Journal of US-China Medical Science
Journal of Life Sciences
Technology and Engineering-Journal of Energy and Power Engineering
Journal of Materials Science and Engineering
Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering

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