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Project 12097/ ISBN 978-3-8433-6391-4

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Dear author,
Your project "New Technologies in Education and Research", with the project number 12097, and ISBN 978-3-8433-6391-4, has been sent for publication.

I-26 martie 2010, II-2 oct., III-5 oct., IV-14 oct., V-24 nov.


Introduction and Motivation
-Languages and Technologies
-Computer - a new vision of education, research and innovation
-Computer and Knowledge
-Teaching and Learning
-The 21st Century School

1. From Information Society Technologies to Knowledge Society
2. E-Learning Technologies – Achievements and Perspectives
3. Scientific Knowledge and Solving Problems: Modelling, Representation, and Processing
4. SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Language for 2D Graphics in XML and Applications
5. Case study: Educational Projects and Experience of Implementation
6. CNIV and ICVL Projects-New Technologies in Education and Research
7. Case study: Educational Software in the World
8. 2010: Year of Mathematics in Romania. Mathematical Gazette at 115 anniversary
9. Using statistical software in analyzing information
10. The Potential of Collaborative Augmented Reality in Education
11. ABBYY recognition technologies – ideal alternative to manual data entry. Automating processing of exam tests

A) Online EDUCA Berlin
B) BETT London - Modern technologies for education and research development
C) ICL: Interactive Conference on Computer Aided Learning - Austria
D) Resource - Fundamentals of Virtual Learning, Technological Knowledge

The author would like to express their gratitude to Prof. Grigore Albeanu, Prof. Radu Jugureanu, Prof. Mircea Popovici, Prof. Ion Roceanu, Prof. Adrian Adăscăliţei, Prof. Olimpius Istrate, Prof. Cătălin Radu, and Prof. Adriana Sarah Nica.

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