Friday, August 5, 2011

21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age

21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age Project


Literacy is NOT Enough: 21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age

Powerful technologies and information systems have caused facts to become obsolete faster, and knowledge built on these facts to become less durable.

Literacy is NOT Enough: The New Learning Process

The New Learning Process covers a fundamental shift in the basic paradigm of teaching that is required to prepare digital students for 21st century life.

What do we do with all this information?

Our society has been irreversibly affected by a new phenomenon in InfoWhelm - an unparalleled access to a wealth of online information, never before seen or heard of. Learning has truly become a lifelong pursuit, and it can happen anytime and anywhere in our Information age. But how do we determine good from the bad, interpret right from wrong, and distinguish complete, accurate, and usable data from a sea of irrelevance and digital inundation? The skills to help us best understand and make use of the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is essential to life and success both in the classrooms and workforces of the 21st century


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