Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Romanian Mathematicians and IMO

1. Romania is initiator of the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) (1959, Brasov) -
2. Bulgaria is initiator of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) (1989, Pravetz) -
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Romanian Mathematicians and IMO

As a creator and promoter of the IMO, Romania’s scientific benefits are significant. If we use the data collected in for the period 1959-2003, more than two thirds of former Romanian IMO contestants are or were involved in academia or research, in Romania or abroad.” (Berinde V. and Păcurar M. 2009).

We mention here a few names, accompanied by the year when they have first competed in the IMO:
V. Barbu (1959), S. Strătilă, C. Năstăsescu and T. Zamfirescu (1960), G. Lusztig and L. Bădescu (1961), L. Zsido (1963), D. Voiculescu and E. Popa (1965), D. Ralescu (1967), Al. Dimca and R. Gologan (1970), D. Timotin (1971), M. Pimsner (1972), A. Ocneanu (1973), M. Coltţoiu and D. Vuza (1974), Al. Zaharescu and V. Nistor (1978), M. Mitrea (1981), L. Funar (1983), P. Mironescu and D. Tătaru (1984), A. Moroianu and A. Vasiu (1987), F. Belgun and T. Bănică (1988), S. Moroianu, M. Crainic and D. Iftimie (1990).

Berinde V. and Păcurar M. (2009): The measure of a great idea: 50 years on from the creation of the International Mathematical Olympiad, European Mathematical Society Newsletter Newsletter 74, December 2009 -, access 6 oct. 2010.

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