Friday, July 16, 2010

MIT news, July 2010

1. Protein linked to aging may boost memory and learning ability (Li-Huei Tsai, director of MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory) -

2.LEGO my DNA - These models are designed to show both structure and function of DNA. The DNA nucleotides pair with each other magnetically. (VIDEO, Kathleen Vandiver/Amanda Finkelberg/CEHS; Additional editing: Melanie Gonick)

3. Computer automatically deciphers ancient language. A new system that took a couple hours to decipher much of the ancient language Ugaritic could help improve online translation software.
Comment: "The universe is a machine. And everything in it is the "submachine" of it, we human being included. Some machines only have hardware, and others have hardware and software at the same time. For our human being, the software saved in our brain and DNA and controls the movement of our hardware. We can make a greater machine than us. So artificial-intelligence can do everything." (allen, 2010-07-01)

- MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
- MIT School of Engineering:

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