Thursday, July 21, 2011

The New Journal: IJCSRA

The International Journal of Computer Science Research and Application
The journal is not intended for profit, but for mere dissemination and promotion of latest research.

(ISSN 2012-9564, and ISSN 2012-9572 online), Journal Publisher by INREWI (Integrating Research Wisdom).

International Journal of Computer Science Research and Application is a peer-reviewed, academic and research publishing journal focused to publish high quality, original research articles in Computer Science and related aspects.
IJCSRA promotes and publish research articles that facilitate knowledge sharing among fellow researchers, academics and industry. IJCSRA welcomes appropriate contributions from experts in the categories such as completed research, work in progress, Literature review, technical notes, position papers and survey reports related to Computer Science and all related subjects on theoretical findings or applied research.

Topics -
The topics of high interest for submission include, but are not confined to the following areas. Authors are highly encouraged to ask the editors in case of any doubt on the journal focus.

ICVL and IJCSRA are partners:

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