Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Testing Einstein's Universe


Confirms the Existence of Gravitomagnetism

Source: Univ. Stanford & NASA

"After 34 years of research and development, 10 years of flight preparation, a 1.5 year flight mission and 5 years of data analysis, our GP-B team has arrrived at the final experimental results for this landmark test of Einstein’s 1916 general theory of relativity." April 26, 2011, Source: http://einstein.stanford.edu/highlights/status1.html

"Last week, after accounting for persistent background signals, the results were announced -- the gyroscopes precessed at a rate consistent with the gravitational predictions of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity. The results, which bolster existing findings, may have untold long term benefits as well as shorter term benefits such as better clocks and global positioning trackers."
- http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap110510.html
- http://einstein.stanford.edu/
- http://einstein.stanford.edu/SPACETIME/spacetime3.html

The Geodetic and Frame-Dragging Effects

"An alternative way to visualize the geodetic warping of spacetime is the so-called “missing inch” shown in the diagram and video clip below. If you were to draw a circle with the same diameter (D) as the Earth (~7,900 miles) in empty space, the circumference of this circle, calculated using standard Euclidian geometry, would be π x D (~24,000 miles). Furthermore, a gyroscope following this circular path in empty space would always point in the same direction, as illustrated in the left side of the diagram." Source:

Source of image:

Video: Copyright © 2003 by Norbert Bartel (Flash Video, Duration: 26 Minutes) - Norbert Bartel, Ph.D., Professor of Astrophysics & Space Sciences, York University, Canada, September 2003

- http://einstein.stanford.edu/Media/Testing_Einsteins_Universe-Flash.html

NOTES: (God Vs Science)
- Einstein, Albert (1940),"On Science and Religion", Nature 146: 605, DOI 10.1038/146605a0
- ENG: http://solideogloriablog.wordpress.com/
- ENG & RO : http://www.opinii.md/, http://alec29.wordpress.com/

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