Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Software Engineering

Guidelines Based Software Engineering for Developing Software Components by Muthu Ramachandran (Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2012, 5, 1-6)

The term Software Engineering was coined by F. L. Bauer the chairman of 1968 NATO Software Engineer- ing conference held in Garmisch, Germany to promote a disciplined approach to developing software. The term Software is meant a list of machine instructions where as the Engineering is meant the use of disciplined appro- aches and laws when building software systems.
Software guidelines have been with us in many forms within Software Engineering community such as knowledge, ex-periences, domain expertise, laws, software design principles, rules, design heuristics, hypothesis, experimental results, programming rules, best practices, observations, skills, algorithms have played major role in software development.
In Software Design we use guidelines that help us to identify a suitable design criterion when faced with design decisions. Therefore software guidelines summarises expert knowledge as a collection of design judgements, rationales, and principles. This can be used by students/ engineers when learning about new principles with ex-amples and experts alike.

Source: http://www.SciRP.org/journal/jsea

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